Kabelkanal aus Aluminium

BLOCAN Cable channel systems

RK Rose+Krieger presented the new BLOCAN® cable channel system in anodized aluminium for the first time at this year’s MOTEX.

The cover on the cable channel is removable and can also be rotated by up to 90° if required. Elastic strips, available as an optional accessory, can be used to keep the open cover in any position. This allows the cover to remain attached to the cable channel. If the cable channel is installed horizontally (wall-mounted), the cover,opening downwards ,will remain in a horizontal position, thus allowing it to be used as a surface for pre-assembling cables and hoses. This is a novel function for industrial applications. Other optional accessories include separators which can slotted into the cable channel to separate hoses, signal lines or power cables. The manufacturer has also considered how the installation of different kinds of cable assemblies can be simplified. A flexible assembly rail prevents the installed cables from falling out but can be opened up at any time for further installations. The simple overhead mounting is also well worth mentioning...

The cable channels areavailable in sizes 40, 40x80 and 80x40, and in lengths of up to 6 metres or cut to size. The cable channels are also available with fixing holes – a novelty for aluminium cable channels. These can be connected very quickly to a BLOCAN profile slot via a pivotable assembly clip.


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