Permanent showroom at RK Rose+Krieger

Permanent showroom at RK Rose+Krieger GmbH in Minden

A permanent exhibition of informative and practical models is located on the ground floor of our development centre. This 180 sq. m. space is where RK Rose+Krieger GmbH displays its new products, components and solutions in automation technology for interested visitors. You can also view all exhibits in the flesh so to speak at the trade fairs which we attend annually. In the area of Linear Technology, we use functioning models to demonstrate practical solutions for your application.
However, some exhibits display universal solutions that illustrate the advantages of our modular system. So why don't you think outside the box; you might be surprised at how versatile RK Rose+Krieger's products can be for your applications. If you have any other questions about individual models, contact us on +49 (0)571 9335-0 or send us an e-mail
The following links will take you to the lists of exhibits: