Medical/pharmaceutical/laboratory equipment

Medical/pharmaceutical/laboratory equipment

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Medical technology combines knowledge from the field of engineering with the expertise of medical professionals to sustainably improve diagnostics, therapy and quality of life. In the context of RK Rose+Krieger, we are talking about, for example, height adjustment of operating tables, x-ray devices, treatment couches, adjustment of eye examination devices and much more.

Often in the field of medical and pharmaceutical technology, the objective is also to automate systems so as to increase efficiency while maximising safety and quality. Flexible, state-of-the-art automation technology is already used in picking systems in the wholesale trade and also in modern pharmacies. RK products are used in the assembly, packaging and manufacturing of medical devices and pharmaceuticals in laboratory environments. For these purposes, environmental standards for clean rooms must be observed, for example. Some products must have special certificates.

In the laboratory setting, we often provide solutions for adjusting analytical devices and height adjustment of ergonomic laboratory workstations.

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Electrically movable lifting columns and linear units are used for precise and accurately repeatable positioning

In contrast to the otherwise customary manual height adjustment, electrically movable lifting columns or linear units are significantly faster and also advantageous for systems with two or more columns or special requirements for reproducible positions. Synchronisable lifting systems are also valuable in applications such as ergonomic height adjustment of work and assembly benches to suit the operator or, in medical settings, infinitely variable height adjustment of patient chairs or couches.

Protective enclosures for the safety of employees, products and process workflows

Medicines manufacturing is subject to extremely strict regulations regarding hygiene, premises, equipment, documentation and control. Production is carried out under cleanroom conditions, and the machines used have to meet correspondingly high standards. A protective enclosure from RK Rose+Krieger with folding sliding doors and acrylic glass surfaces (as in the example picture) ensures optimum accessibility and hygiene in the production of pharmaceuticals without cutting out light from the machine.

Height-adjustable systems

In the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, machines often require height adjustment, or formats have to be adjusted laterally. For this purpose, RK Rose+Krieger offers a wide range of lifting columns and linear actuators, which also have the requisite certifications.

Guaranteed ergonomics and mobility

For medical devices such as instrument tables, mammography and biopsy chairs, height adjustment enables the device to be conveniently adjusted to suit the height of practice and hospital staff.
Electrical adjustment of examination devices makes them adaptable to a patient's height or physical impairments. This forms the basis for achieving optimum examination results. Moreover, if such devices are also equipped with wheels for moving them from one room to another, this additionally guarantees efficient use of available space as well as easy transportation of patients with restricted mobility.

Ergonomic laboratory workstations

Ergonomics and optimum coordination of all workflows are key features of the height-adjustable workstations from RK Rose+Krieger. This helps to prevent work injuries while increases productivity and quality at the same time. RK Rose+Krieger offers the choice of individual height adjustment via lifting column and control technology or an overall concept for an individual workstation.

Foot scanner for creating orthopaedic insoles

Foot scanner for creating orthopaedic insoles

The lifting columns are used to move the patient from a sitting to a standing position and then take an accurate scan of the feet.

Mobile treatment couch with height adjustment

Mobile treatment couch with height adjustment

The mobile couch is height-adjustable, thus ensuring an ergonomic treatment position.

Adjustable pelvic floor trainer

Adjustable pelvic floor trainer

Chip card control allows the device to automatically register each patient’s ideal training position and automatically sets the height of the seat and handlebars and the distance between them.

Height-adjustable treatment couch

Height-adjustable treatment couch

The height-adjustable and pivoting treatment couch is specially designed for veterinary medicine.

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