The company RK Rose+Krieger was founded in 1972 by Friedhelm Rose and Harald Krieger, and initially produced industrial tube clamping systems. The development of tube connection elements and tubular linear units soon followed. Barely ten years after the company was founded, RK Rose+Krieger developed the patented BLOCAN® profile assembly system as a module for mechanical engineering. Since 1987, the company has belonged to the global Phoenix Mecano Group which has specialised in the development and cost-effective manufacture of niche products around the world. At the beginning of the 90s, RK Rose+Krieger moved into their new company premises in Minden-Ost. Five years later, the production facilities in Hungary were inaugurated and in 2007, the company's economic success meant the production building needed to be extended once more.
Over time, four separate business sectors developed from the tube clamping systems of the early days: linear, connecting, profile and modular technology.

The following is a chronological list of the milestones in the company's history.



Chronology of the milestones

milestones 2020

Meilensteine 2020


2020 saw RK Rose+Krieger crowned a TOP 100 Innovator for the ninth time in a row.

Unfortunately, 2020 was dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented any trade fairs where we could present our products and innovations. We responded by creating two virtual trade fair tours, where visitors can take a 360° tour through the exhibition at the click of a mouse.

To provide protection against droplet infection, we developed a customisable droplet guard for points of sale, open-plan offices and reception areas, based on our tube connectors.

To make selecting products from our extensive portfolio even easier, we have developed intuitive online product finders for our linear, connecting and profile systems.

A new, height-adjustable monitor stand for ergonomic working was added to the RK monitor holder range.

milestones 2019

milestones 2019


RK Rose+Krieger was among the TOP 10 in this year’s TOP 100 Innovation Competition, in the ‘Innovative Processes and Organisation’ category.

RK Rose+Krieger upgraded its standard range for ergonomic workstation systems. Height adjustment for the RK Easywork workbenches is now provided by lifting columns from the Multilift II range. New control technology provides lots of convenient setting options. In addition, an online configurator makes it quick and easy to put together your optimal workstation.

The successful EP(X)-II range of linear actuators was extended to include versions with a ball screw drive and solid shafts. The EPX-KG linear units are now available in the widely used sizes 30 and 40.

The RK monitor mounting range was extended to include two new support arm models. The twin and telescopic support arms are now both available in a height-adjustable version.

The MultiControl II lifting column control is now available as a Basic and a Premium version (additional software functions).

milestones 2018

milestones 2018


In 2018, RK Rose+Krieger was again one of the innovation leaders in the German SME sector.

At Hannover Messe 2018, the stainless-steel version of the popular E-II actuators was launched on the market in the widely used sizes 30 and 40. The E-II stainless steel linear unit is 100% corrosion-resistant and has an extended temperature range of -30°C to +80°C, compared to the standard units.

There is another addition to the successful range of Multilift II lifting columns. The Multilift II clean, specially developed for use in the clean room, is now available.

The new member of the RK MonoLine product line is based on the roller guide concept of the RK MonoLine Z 80, but has a different drive concept.  On the RK MonoLine MT linear unit, the timing belt does not circulate, but instead is driven in the area of the carriage. For this reason, the term Omega drive is also used.

The RK MonoLine range of roller guides with timing-belt drives has been extended to include size 60. So the four standard sizes 40, 60, 80 and 120 are now available.

RK Rose+Krieger is now supplying a compact version of its tried-and tested RK monitor mounting with a short installation length.

Size 30 base clamps, sleeve clamps and hinge clamps also became available with an integrated ball joint in 2018. A sleeve clamp with double ball is another new addition to the range. The new tube connectors with ball joint thus provide a far higher degree of design freedom than conventional hinged connectors.

milestones 2017

milestones 2017


RK Rose+Krieger GmbH is amongst the innovative leaders of Germany's small and medium-sized businesses once again this year – for the sixth time in a row.

RK Rose+Krieger expands its support arm system for its monitor mounting with a telescopic support arm and thus provides more flexibility.

Two new designs are added to the Multilift II product line. An ESD version and the Multilift II safety for overhead applications. At the same time, the new MultiControl II duo generation of controllers is launched.

At Motek further linear unit sizes, with the EP(X) II 30 and the RK Monoline 120, are introduced. A K-40x20 cable channel profile rounds off the range.

milestones 2016

milestones 2016


TOP Innovator award 2016.

A further variant of the RK monitor mountings is shown at the Hanover trade fair. A ball joint enables an even greater degree of freedom. Over the course of the year, the range of accessories is expanded to include a suitable support arm system and keyboard stands.

On the new Multilift II impact lifting column, integrated damping facilitates the absorption of high impact forces.

A new electromechanical SLZ 63 heavy-duty cylinder is introduced at Motek. The electric cylinder impresses with high tensile and compressive forces, and optimum connection and fixing options (in compliance with DIN ISO 15552).

A new generation of the toothed belt linear units, the RK MonoLine, is shown for the first time at the Hanover trade fair in sizes 40 and 80.


milestones 2015


In 2015, RK Rose+Krieger was once again named one of the TOP 100 most innovative SMEs in Germany.

RK presented its new monitor mountings for industrial applications at the Hannover Messe for the first time.

A 3000 N version of the RK Powerlift M series of lifting columns was presented. What's more, the Multilift II lifting column is now also available as a "telescope" version with an optimum height/stroke length Ratio.


milestones 2014


RK Rose+Krieger is named one of the 100 most innovative SMEs in Germany for the third year in a row.

The PROFILE TECHNOLOGY catalogue is implemented based on the new philosophy of “application-oriented classification”. The chapters are entitled Construction Profiles, Functional /Special Profiles and Heavy Duty Profiles, and simplify the selection of the products required.

The RK Duoline linear actuators are optimised further for clean rooms and successfully tested. The relevant test certificates required under EN ISO 14644-1 are issued for the “Clean” version.

The new generation of Multilift lifting columns is presented and is specially designed for synchronous applications. Easy commissioning guaranteed – Plug & Work!

R28 adapter sleeve – New reducing bushes enhance flexibility and compatibility with tube connection Systems.
milestones 2013

milestones 2013


As a powerhouse for new ideas, RK is again honoured as one of the TOP 100 innovators.

The timing belt unit 60 and the spindle linear actuator 120 complete the RK DuoLine product range.

As a newly developed product, the LZ 70 P electric cylinder sets new standards in its market segment.

New aluminium profiles F-40 and F-40x80 complement the range of profiles.
milestones 2012

milestones 2012


First-time participation and “TOP 100 Innovators” award: an award for the 100 most innovative SMEs.

A selection guide is also developed for the third product range PROFILE TECHNOLOGY to enable quick and easy selection of the optimum product. Once again application-oriented.

A new anti-vibration spindle support guarantees a completely new dimension in smooth running throughout the entire speed range of long linear units with spindle drive.

The diameters 30 mm and 40 mm are added to the Robust Clamps series (stainless steel tube connectors).
milestones 2011

milestones 2011


The new CONNECTING TECHNOLOGY selection guide is highly application-specific and enables the suitable element to be found quickly.

The RK Duoline 120 is the third size which sets a new industry benchmark for linear products.

RK SyncFlex for lifting columns and electric cylinders prevents errors in installation and commissioning, reducing costs and saving time.

WEB relaunch is unveiled. The new website is closely based on the application-oriented product structure.

The new catalogue for tube connectors “CONNECTING TECHNOLOGY” is published. Classification is based on the application for the low load, medium-to-heavy load and shock-proof load ranges.

The updated version of the EPX linear units which have been tried and tested over many years is presented. The new EPX generation is compatible with its predecessors, offers higher precision, has a longer service life and is easier to maintain.
milestones 2010

milestones 2010


The RK Duoline 80 is the next to set an industry benchmark for linear products.

The new LINEAR TECHNOLOGY catalogue adopts the product classification of Move-Tec, Place-Tec and Control-Tec.

The LZ 70 and LZ 80 complete the range of electric cylinders and adopt the same product classification.
milestones 2009

milestones 2009


Click and Safe, the new safety guard, and RK Safelock, the new linear locking element with emergency brake functions, meet the requirements of the new European Machinery Directive.

The new LINEAR TECHNOLOGY selection guide is highly application-specific and facilitates preselection.

The Duoline 160 is the first size according to the new product classification and the first to set an industry benchmark for linear actuators.

Aluminium cable channels complement the product range of the tried-and-tested BLOCAN® profile system.
Extension of the production facility and new building for the development centre, introduction of the heavy duty linear unit D-Line


The chain conveyor systems Easy-Link® and the new heavy duty profiles were launched into the market as an alternative to steel constructions


New electric cylinder LZ 60 whose design and functionality is captivating


The first mono column „RKPowerlift“ for the new market in the area of office equipment was introduced. new plastic clamping elements made from polyamide „RK Light Design“


Investment in a new production site in Hungary for labour intensive products, as well as in a new development centre at the site in Minden


Moved to new building in Potsdamer Straße


Phoenix Mecano AG became finance partner to support the promising company development


Start of the development of the construction profiles BLOCAN®-Profile, installed without tooling, as trendsetter in the field of automation and machine construction


Development of the first linear component based on the pipe connection system


Foundation of the company, development, production and sales of pipe connection elements and pipe system – linear components