RK als Arbeitgeber

RK as an Employer

Anybody, who manufactures components for a nearly unlimited market, approaches challenges of a special kind. Besides the great number of different products and system solutions, the market requirements that make our thinking and acting very variably. The customer’s problems can be very complex and special – the appropriate solution may be simple and cost-effective. Understanding of the customer’s goal and the full mastery of our own resources makes us a competent partner in the market.

People who are in the mood to provide performance, are best skilled, see themselves as part of the team and feel the desire for further personal development are required to realise this.

The interaction
We act as a team – That is definite! That is not so easy sometimes. Priorities change depending on the situation. New tasks come up with a certain unpredictability. The customer’s original problem has changed. In order to master a situation like that or a similar as a team, confidence and helpfulness are vital. This sporting and companionate spirit is obvious with us.

The workplace
Modern workplace equipment that suits your requirements is an important part of your future work environment. We regularly invest in new technologies to increase efficiency and always provide optimal work conditions. We financially support the provision of work clothes in the industrial area.

Employee benefits
In addition to the usual social benefits, our employees get an extra pay for luncheon. There is a company-owned canteen with a large winter garden available for morning break and lunch break.

Located in the industrial area Minden-Ost, there is a bus stop directly in front of the company building. Parking lots for cars and motor bikes are sufficiently available.

Further education
Depending on the work task, internal and external training programmes are provided. We offer chances of personal development aside from training in the field of the product segment and the use of software systems.

Anyone who wants it – can get it Anyone who is able – will be supported. As easy as this formula sounds, as consequently you will be supported if your are qualified.